So yeah, I'm really proud of my ass now! I even love to go to the beach with a thong and feel guys' (& girls!) eyes in my booty! And I love to shake it in the dance floor!

It seems the guys never got enough of this sheer blue top... and I don't know why! LOL! Well, maybe the fact that my titties are virtually exposed when it gets wet has something to do! So there goes Lizzy again, pouring some water all over my breasts! Soon my nipples were all exposed again and I just stood there showing my tits to the world and there was nothing I could do about it!! And in the end ...I enjoyed every minute of it!

Now that's a good question! Because I'm a cute sexy girl and I love to show off my body and I'm a tease and... blah, blah! All of it is true, but that's a given! I'm having my own site on the web, right? ;) I have to be a tease and like to show off my body!!
There's a lot more about me than just sexy pics inside (don't worry, still plenty of that)! I have lots of my own very personal pics: with my friends, traveling, having fun... but also some more private stuff, pics that I took myself with my cell phone or my cam...
Of course, you get access to ALL my pics! And there are LOTS of them! More than 15.000 in 120+ different sets right now! And more are added every week!
Ever wanted to know how this thing is made? This is your chance! You can see what happens "Behind the scenes": from my goofy faces to we all working hard or Eggman's "guest appearances", you'll feel like you been there with us!
My booty is kinda a star on his own :P. Both Monty & Q (my photographers) seem to be in love with it and they're always asking me to show it, specially when I wear the smallest thongs! So almost every set ends with quite a few pics of my butt! And people seems to really love them for it!
Thousands of pictures, dozens of hot videos, my huge personal journal, my personal photos, my friends, behind the scenes footage, wallpapers... and I update the site every week!!
Still not convinced? Get my personal e-mail, contact me and tell me whatever you want, I answer everybody & everything! Make requests for new sets or new sections, make me a gift, get prizes, dedicated photos... I'm always trying my best to keep my members happy!

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